Family name: Bolgov
First name: Michael
Father name: Vassilij


3. Date of birth: 01/10/1955 4. Nationality: Russian
5. Education:
Institution Water Problems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow,
Date: from
to from 01/1995
to 12/1995
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
Obtained Dr. Sc. in Hydrology
Institution Hydrometeorological Institute, Ukraine,.
Date: from
to 1985
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
Obtained Ph.D. in Hydrology, Odessa
Institution Odessa’s Hydrometeorological Institute, Ukraine,
Date: from
to 1979
Degree(s) or Diploma(s)
Obtained M. Sc. in Hydrology
6. Membership of professional bodies:
Since 1999 Dr. Bolgov is a National Representative in International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) and the Scientific secretary of the Russian National Committee for IAHS
7. Present position: Head of the Caspian Sea Laboratory
8. Key qualifications.
Dr. Bolgov has more than 20 years of experience in a number of research and practical projects on hydrology, hydro-geology, programming systems, water supply systems and environmental surveys.
Dr. Bolgov has experience both in field studies (hydrological measurements and environmental monitoring) and in analysis (estimation of water resources, surface water stochastic modelling, standards and guidance for hydrological calculation, extreme events assessment, long term and seasonal river runoff fluctuation, fluctuation of water level in inland seas (lakes), imitation models of water supply systems, uncertainties of hydrological forecasts, etc.).
Dr. Bolgov is an expert of The State Ecological Expertise (Federal Ministry of Natural Resources) by the problems of hydrological safety of Nuclear Power Plants and Hydropower Stations.
9. Main projects:

  • The Guidance for hydrological calculation in the Central Asia (Floods in Mongolia) (1982-1985, Moscow, Institute for Construction));
  • Project of the Information system for hydrological calculation: data base, input-output, requests, statistical programmes (1985-1988, Moscow, Institute for Construction).
  • The assessment of water level fluctuation in Caspian Sea (1992-1995, Water problems Institute Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • The Assessment of hydrological regime and reliability of water supply system for the nuclear power station (1993-1995, Water Problems Institute);
  • The Guidance for hydrological investigation of water supply system of Nuclear power station (1996-1997, Institute for Construction of Nuclear Power Station);
  • Federal Standard for assessment of hydrological characteristics, (1998-1999, State hydrological Institute);
  • Some of projects concerning protection of urban territories from ground water, (1988-1999, Production & Research Institute for Engineering Construction Survey, Moscow).
  • EU Pilot Project “Revival of the Great Rostov” – Team-leader of working group on hydrological and hydro-geological problems.
  • Federal Program “Caspian Sea share protection against flooding” – team leader responsible for water level forecasting.
  • Stochastic models of seasonal river runoff variations (1993-1996, Water problems Institute and Russian foundation for fundamental researchers )
  • Hydrological extremes as a natural catastrophes (1996-1998, Russian foundation for fundamental researchers);
  • Anomalies of water level fluctuation in inland Seas (1993-1995, International Sciences Foundation);
  • FRIEND-Flow regime investigation and experimental data network. Part of International hydrological programme (since 1996, International UNESCO supported project, Low flow group);
  • Risk of flooding on the Caspian Sea shore. Federal Program, 1999-.
  • Co-director NATO ARW "Stochastic models of hydrological processes and their application to the problems of environmental preservation” Moscow, 1998.

10. Professional Experience:

Date: from /to 01.1991 - present
Location: Moscow
Company: Water Problems Institute under the Russian Academy of Sciences
Position: Senior Research Scientist, then
Head of the Caspian Sea Laboratory
Description: Management of the scientific researches within projects of fundamental research of the Russian Academy of Sciences on water resources problems
Financing: State order
Date: from /to 06.1981-12.1990
Location: Moscow
Company: Production & Research Institute for Engineering Construction Survey, Moscow
Position: Senior Scientist
Description: Developer of the automation systems for data processing on hydro-meteorological investigations, working out of the construction standards on engineering hydrology
Financing: State order

11. Others:
Publication: Dr.Bolgov published one book and more than 70 papers in professional journals, books, proceeding of conferences. The Name of the book is “Stochastic models for variations of water-balance components for river catchment”, Moscow, 1997, p.262. (Co-author - Ratkovich D.Ya).

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